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Home is in Your Heart

Home is in Your Heart is being revised and coming soon!
​This book was written for the many beautiful and sensitive individuals who would like the comfort of knowing they are not alone with their own unique experiences upon this magical earth. And for the ones who would like to believe and learn how to open their minds and hearts towards the miracles that are always there waiting to be discovered. This book was inspired by the miracles before my eyes that opened my heart with the guidance of Mother Mary, which were accompanied by many magical and loving friends in sharing my personal life experiences I’ve had during the last twenty-four years.

"Home is in Your Heart" guides you through simple practical steps to open yourself to the miracles that happen every moment, every day, whether you are in a store shopping, or driving in your car on the freeway. All kinds of miracles are waiting to happen. Miracles do happen every day once we just open our minds and hearts to these experiences and allow them to flow through us. This book also shares the profoundness of having a Soul Retrieval Process and how it can open you and shift your life to a higher vibration, balance and contentment, which is who you truly are. These true stories are here to assist you towards a deeper and profound and joyful part of you.

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The True Love of Aphrodite and Hercules: 
And the loving guidance of their Native American animal spirits that brought them together
This is the sweet and tender story of Aphrodite and Hercules, two people who, through a series of life lessons, find their way to each other. Along their journey, they meet and are guided with love by their many animal spirits. Through their broadening awareness and willingness to hear this guidance, they each overcome obstacles and hardships to learn their deepest lessons. This beautiful tale teaches us all about our Native American animal spirits and how they can assist us in our own self-awareness. It also lovingly supports us in shifting our perception to seeing that which isn't visible to the physical eye.​

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Dancing with Mother Earth

Dancing with Mother Earth is being revised and coming soon!
This environmental and community cooperative/ethics workbook is for ages ten through ninety years young. In the first section of this book, you will learn about the various parts of our environment and deepen your compassion for our earth through the concept of Animism. We live in a world of physics that is always alive and in motion. Similarities between our body and our earth show us how to support our small farmers and how to politically support our environment. In the second section of this book you will learn how we can come together within our community with better cooperative skills and ethics. For example, we can come together in circles with unity and knowledge that we are all connected as one unit by means of healthy and unhealthy relationships. We can maintain our personal space by means of respectful boundaries. 

This workbook also has sections for you to draw and journal your feelings from what you have absorbed mentally to a deeper emotional level within your heart. Dancing with Mother Earth is currently being edited at the law firm Vititoe and Masry. 

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Office Etiquette Manual (eBook)
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A portion of the proceeds will go to Inspire Every Child, a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing inspirational books to children in need.​
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Prema Lia's Office Etiquette Manual is coming soon!

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