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Need to build endurance?
Wolf medicine will help!

Seeking prosperity and abundance? Buffalo will help you find it!
Does your self esteem need boosting?
Come learn about skunk medicine!
Need more joy in your life?
Humming Bird can teach you how!
Want to be more brave?
Mountain Lion can guide you towards it!
What is a Shamanic Drum Journey and how can it help you?  

A Shamanic Drum Journey utilizes the concepts of drum, voice, sound, and music. While laying down with a cloth over the eyes and listening to the drum beats, these various aspects awaken movement, dance, and release from our bodies. A Shamanic Drum Journey can also reveal your Power Animal, or ally. This specific animal ally guides you through ceremony, celebration, and healing of energy. A Power Animal can be called on for strength and empowerment towards healing practice; this spiritual journey leads to profound awakenings of openness and greater depths of awareness, heightening the senses of sight, hearing, sensation, and even smell. These sensory experiences provide messages that, when deciphered, can show your communicative abilities and personal symbols. 

Prema Lia will give a detailed explanation to the attendees of what a power animal journey involves; then she will guide you into an inner journey to connect you to your power animal. As your journey begins, Prema will start to drum on her djembe drum so the rhythm can carry you where you need to go. Afterwards, she talks about how you can use the power animal medicine to help you in your everyday life.  

How do I inquire receiving this experience?  
Prema Lia (Kim) Thompson is experienced with the Shamanic Drum Journey and offers consultations in discovering one’s Power Animal. Please contact her here if you are interested in a Shamanic Drum journey appointment.  

The True Love of Aphrodite and Hercules: 
And the loving guidance of their 
Native American animal spirits 
that brought them together 

is Available from Amazon!

This is the sweet and tender story of Aphrodite and Hercules, two people who, through a series of life lessons, find their way to each other. Along their journey, they meet and are guided with love by their many animal spirits. Through their broadening awareness and willingness to hear this guidance, they each overcome obstacles and hardships to learn their deepest lessons. This beautiful tale teaches us all about our Native American animal spirits and how they can assist us in our own self-awareness. It also lovingly supports us in shifting our perception to seeing that which isn't visible to the physical eye.

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A portion of the proceeds will go to Inspire Every Child, a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing inspirational books to children in need.​
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