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What is Mediumship and how can it help you?

The ability to connect with loved ones that are no longer in the Earth realm can be a reassuring interaction to have. The toll that the death of a loved one can take is often hard, grievous, and full of uneasiness. 

Mediumship is a process centering upon a human instrument known as a medium or channel, who is then used by discarnate, spirit personalities. It’s a cooperative effort between the Medium on Earth and a Spirit across the veil. The medium presents information otherwise typically unattainable, calls upon “paranormal” activities, channels certain energies, or manifests themselves for object examination. After completing their journey of death, spirits can communicate their newly gained perspective to their earthly loved ones via Mediumship.  

Spirit communication through Mediumship allows the possibility of reconnection with lost loved ones—affection and interaction. It’s an often emotional experience, but the medium’s confident affirmation of your loved one’s survival in their journey of their passing provides comfort, closure, and healing after the death of a loved one. 

​Prema Lia (Kim) Thompson is an experienced Medium who is always happily accepting Mediumship appointments; you can contact her here

Prema Lia's Angel Realm Reader Certificate:

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