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Prema Lia,

Thank you again for the amazing reading Sunday. Despite the distraction and noise of the environment, you were a master multi-tasker, and kept track of everything and still stayed fully present to the reading and pulled together so many scattered pieces of the puzzle of my life from so many areas. No one possibly could have accomplished that unless you're tuned into the highest of the high. Your ability to separate from ego and offer pure material is exquisite. You're truly gifted and I'm ever so grateful.  

This has been the most challenging time of my life. ..more than all the others combined. I've been under psychic attack for years. It's been more than a year since I slept through the night...and I've enjoyed my first two full nights of sleep in over a year this week because of the peace your share brought to my soul!

I feel like I'm alive again with a future I couldn't even imagine until your pure channeled Light helped make sense of the chaos. I'm clearing and healing much more quickly now and like to work with you again to refine thimgs as I move forward.

I enjoy connecting Light workers with community of peers. Its so important as the transformations continue.

I'd love to stay in touch.  

Susan   Portland

Thank you so much for the reading yesterday. The vision of my spiritual growth and my work here was so confirming. Also, the energy cord releasing was very powerful. Finally, my heart center does not feel so invaded and bleeding. Just wanted you to know that I feel so good! Thank you.

Carolyn  Portland

"Prema Lia is literally one of the most gifted clairvoyants that I have ever met. My reading with her was completely random and unsolicited and yet she was able to discern information with grace and precision that could only come from a master in her trade. That reading was one of the most life altering experiences and continues to reveal itself even today. She offered me guidance, and peace with grace and ease. Every sentence was filled with dead on intuition. I am honored and truly grateful to have met a soul such as her. I pray she continues to share the light that moves through her with any being in search of a way out of the darkness."
Phoenicia Dawn Battle 

"Hi Prema! I've been blessed by your lovely email messages and your prayers for my son Aditya. I'm very thankful. I also value your readings about my son's illness and his soul journey. I love your passion towards what you do. Sai's blessings to you!"

"I've known Prema Lia for 16 years, and she is very gracious, loving, intelligent and an excellent teacher and reader. I would recommend her to everyone, and I thank Spirit for bringing her into my life. She is a beautiful Soul.
Peace and Blessings,"
Marilyn, Astrologer, Tarot and Numerologist 

"I think Prema Lia's readings are insightful and compassionate. She genuinely cares about her clients and makes extra efforts to see that they get what they need from a reading. Her advice is very practical and spiritual. I would recommend her to anyone who wants genuine advice from a woman who has a good heart."
Andrew K, Astrologer Mystic 

"Prema Lia is a beautiful and kind soul. She combines her remarkable communication skills and healing abilities to convey her messages across in a fun and loving way. She is definitely one of a kind. Her personality shines and lights up the darkest rooms. She was able to connect with me on a deeper level and channel divine guidance that has helped me in my life. I always recommend my friends to see Prema Lia for her help. She is such a gift to humanity and a gem in this world. Thank you for bringing so much joy and laughter in my life with your readings!"
Kathie Pham, Seattle, WA

"I have found Prema Lia's readings to be very helpful and accurate. She is a beautiful lady of light."
Lorie, Director of NW Psychic Fairs

"Prema Lia has a natural gift of seeing through all the higher dimensions and communicating between the worlds. She has ears to hear and eyes to see; she sees what is essentially a natural Christ vision. She helps people who are lost to help them find and identify their soul and true self, and their gifts and why they are here upon this beautiful earth. She is like a water faucet that is turned on as all the light and information flows through her. Helping others to open up in themselves, because she can see these things effortlessly. Assisting others to see their blind spots and move them through those blind spots so they can establish their own soul contact."  
Vicki P., Children's book publisher & Hostess for international students

"Prema Lia's readings are loving and sensitive, delightful, insightful and empowering and uplifting. Her clairvoyant abilities are awesome."
Reverend Helen, Co-founder of Musical Church For All People 

"My reading with Prema Lia was one filled with Magic and Inspiration. She opened my vision and allowed my imagination to expand beyond my earthy way of thinking. She told me things about my past lives, which may play an important role as my future unfolds before me. Prema Lia is filled of loving peaceful energy and relayed it through her reading to me. She has a lightness and gentleness in her essence. She planted a beautiful seed inside of me with her visions she saw, which will continue to grow infinitely, until one day, which I truly believe, will help me be who I was truly meant to be here on this planet Earth and Beyond, which is to help Humanity through Truth, Compassion and Love, Patience and more:) With Loving Light,"

"Prema Lia is an extraordinarily spiritual individual, who connects to the spirits on a deeper level. Her tender and sincere heart reaches the spirits to reveal their wishes and hopes.  Through her special connection with spirits, she helps individuals with current difficult situations or makes the transition flow easily. She often made my heart tender and softer through her voice and gentle touch."
Yoko, Jyorei practitioner

"Prema Lia. Her reading led me to the awareness of my God given gift. The gift of healing with words. I have witnessed this over and over since Prema Lia brought this to my attention. Thank you and God bless!"
Gail Soltis
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