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What is Mother Earth Orgone and how can it help you?

Please visit the Mother Earth Orgone website or feel free to call the office at 360-984-5173 for more information or to purchase our products.

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A portion of the proceeds will go to Inspire Every Child, a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing inspirational books to children in need.​
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Hello Beautiful Soul lights,

I just finished creating my new 2015 collection of Mother Earth Orgone designer pendants. Complimented by a prayer-beaded leather cord, each piece has an Animal Spirit guide chosen by Spirit. One exciting thing is that all net proceeds go to our children's foundation Inspire Every Child. These pendants are amazing because they last forever and they protect us against the negative energies of cell phones, computers, microwaves, etc. It generates the same life force energy as Chi, Ki, Prana energy, so it makes us happier and lifts our spirit when we feel tired or sad. I love it! And it helps the kids in need! 

Love and hugs to everyone! A great New 2015 Year is coming for all of us. 

With Joy! 

Prema Lia

The Dragonfly:
Symbolizes change and a deeper perspective of self realization.

Faeries know that we live in an abundant Universe. They love to teach us how to manifest our dreams in daily life. 

Signify goodness, and are often used in holy festivities, such as the Feast of Tabernacles, originated by Moses.

The black & white halves within the circle represent Yin-qi and Yang-qi - the primordial feminine and masculine energies whose interplay gives birth to the manifest world.

Mother Mary (Vintage pendants):
O Holy Mother Mary,
Bless my daily efforts
to lead a life that reflects
my status as a child of God.

The new 2015 collection Mother Earth Orgone designer pendants are all available for purchase from our online 
Mother Earth Orgone store.

You can also call the office at 360-984-5173.