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What is the Power of Prayer and how can it help you? 

Prayer is a powerful force of spiritual means– direct communication to Spirit. Angels of prayer are always present, enhancing the power of prayers. The angels hear all words of kindness and proceed to pass them on. There is always prayer, an everlasting spiritual means of guidance and help. The Power of Prayer must be extended at all times to create a never ending circle of prayer. 

A quick prayer can be sent when ambulance sirens are heard or when walking past a hospital. People all over the world could be uplifted from their difficulties with prayer, whether you have met them or not. Praying eliminates the negativity of hopelessness. The Power of Prayer helps one realize that they are never alone, and that one never prays alone. 

How do I learn more?  
Prema Lia (Kim) Thompson has a multitude of experiences in Prayer and willingly provides this assistance to others. You can contact her here for more information. 
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