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about Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
What is important to know about Empowering and Educating Women of Sexual Harassment at Work?
Understanding how to identify and handle situations of sexual harassment in the workplace helps a woman maintain her professional position and personal dignity. No one should ever feel uncomfortable at work due to sexual harassment, but unfortunately, women are taken advantage of by their bosses and co-workers. 

How does having this knowledge help? 
Women can successfully handle sexual harassment when equipped with proper knowledge. Learning how to effectively express feelings with words and actions in a polite, but stern, manner can be useful and protective. 

What is a key concept? 
One very important concept to remember is that professional help can be provided. Beyond trusting a family member or close friend, contacting the human resources department is always the best option. Also remember to keep a paper trail of all incidents in a folder for evidence, taking note of the date, time, and place of occurrence. 

How do I get access to this information? 
A complete Office Etiquette Manual has been written by Prema Lia (Kim) Thompson, which includes a section of detailed information regarding the issues of sexual harassment at work. 
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