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What are Past Life Regressions and how can they help you?  

Past Life Therapy can help reveal problems deeply rooted in our experiences from past lifetimes; it allows for present-day issues to be resolved by determining the past life events that may have caused them. Past Life Regression is returning back to the time of a specific event for resolution through hypnosis, guided imagery, or other states of relaxation – memories are accessed when they are normally unconscious. Energy and emotional blockages are diffused when memories are brought into conscious awareness. Then the facilitator can evaluate your troubles associated with the memories.  

It can help you by pinpointing persistent troubling behavior and attitude patterns, evaluating relationship dynamics, exploring phobias, and realizing chronic physical ailments. When an influential event in the past is revisited and reprocessed, closure to that time can be reached; by reaching back and learning about these experiences from your past lives you are able to have positive progression this this lifetime. Even though you are accessing your unconscious past life while in an altered state, you are in full control and you will be able to remember what you said during your Past Life Regression session. This remembrance allows for the positive progression in this lifetime. ​ Prema is a positive facilitator for your process and creates a Private, comfortable and safe place for you. 

What to Expect Prior, During and After Your Session

A Past Life session usually goes for 1 hour and 15-20 minutes. Cost:$150.

Prior to the session, I ask Individuals to write on paper your intentions for this process and what you would like to accomplish. This will set the process in motion on many levels, and a healing process begins to take place. You can keep these notes next to your bed and process them during your dream time. Some people have dreams of clearings, healings, and visits from their Angelic guides, helpers or loved ones from the other side. Each person’s experiences will vary. Prior to the session, you should eat clean foods and reduce or eliminate your intake of alcohol to clean the body and mind. Your notes are private and you don’t need to share them.  

During your session, We will walk with Spirit through your Akashic Records, assisted by your Angelic Guides or helpers. You are in full control, and I mainly help to facilitate a safe space and move the process forward with a verbal walk through. Your higher self will take you to one or more particular Past Life’s that are appropriate for you at this particular time. Please call and I will be happy to explain if you would like greater detail about the process.  

After the session, Most people experience a freer, lighter feeling within, and a clearer understanding of themselves and why they are here. They are more deeply aware of the ongoing support provided by their Angelic guide or helpers, and have a closer connection with them. They feel more in control of themselves and life in general. Many are able to let go of old habits and are set free from old emotional baggage that no longer serves them. They release a stuck feeling and are now able to move forward in their lives knowing how powerful they truly are. 

Be in Joy and Bliss,

Certified Alchemical Hypnotherapist:
Prema-Lia was Certified by the David Quigley Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis. Alchemical work differs from hypnosis technologies in its synthesis of Spiritual and psychological perspectives. An Alchemical Hypnotherapist simply uses hypnosis to facilitate a client's personal journey into their inner world to find the ultimate teachers, guides and therapist...the ones who live inside themselves.

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